Reviews Yes Love

‘Gilbert Isbin masters the lute as a reborn instrument with a contemporary twist’. (Bernard Lefèvre, Jazz’halo) Read the whole review
What is striking, from the first listening, is the purity of the sound, the natural lyricism of the lute, well highlighted by an attentive and delicate rhythm section.’ (Claude Loxhay, Jazz’halo) Read the whole review
“Yes Love” is an album that really doesn’t contain any weak composition and was created by three musicians who communicate flawlessly. (Paul Godderis Jazz’halo) Read the whole review
Overall, the new CD ‘Yes Love’ with the Isbin Trio is a highly recommended new release. (Carsten Timpe – Lauteninfo) Read the whole review

Interview Brugsch Handelsblad (S. Van Volcem)

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