Gilbert Isbin Solo

audio1  Fleur’s Dance
audio1  Ghequestst Ben Ic Van Binnen

ACOUSTIC GUITAR WORKSHOP.COM (UK) by Steve Elliott :  All 14 tracks on this excellent CD showcase a guitarist and composer at the top of his game. “Red Wine” is an invigorating brew, a testament to a truely gifted and original player. Hats off to one of Fingerstyle’s great pioneers.
WWW.ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM , Glenn Astarita :Belgian acoustic guitarist Gilbert Isbin ‘s intricate finger picking and seamless blend of folksy themes, combined with a reconstruction of Hendrix Little Wing is enhanced by his jazz-based sensibilities. His articulations might spur notions of the late, great American guitarist John Fahey.
WWW..THEGUITARISTS.GALAXYHIT.COM (USA) :  Gilbert has succeeded where all others before him have failed. Improving on Hendrix!(I never thought I’d say that….but I know jimi would agree),…
BRIDGE GUITAR REVIEWS (The Netherlands) Aug 2003, Henk te Veldhuis :  Red Wine is a challenging album which combines complexity in music, with intimate and reflecting compositions. “Red Wine” takes you on journey, enjoy the ride!
WWW.GUITARNOISE.COM (USA), sept.2003, A.J. Charron :  With 14 tracks of beautiful, inspiring music, Gilbert’s Red Wine, as his other albums, is a must.


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