Gilbert Isbin/Scott Walton

Gilbert Isbin Scott Walton


Panting   Pensive   Induction   Gnomish Jig  Unhinged   Recall   Scuttle to the Shuttle


Embra1  Embra2  Gift To The Fall   Knomish  Daer Zat Een Sneeuwwit Vogeltje  Recall


LUTE NEWS 106, July 2013,(UK LUTE SOCIETY), Stuart. Walsh :
Here then is a lute CD with creative musicians successfully exploring the lute as an instrument of contemporary music.
AALGA, ARGENTINIAN LUTE SOCIETY, Gabriel Schebor: I appreciate very much the variety of climates and colours that you produced there! And the ensemble work is very accurate, I would have never suspected that such combination could work, but it does, and wonderfully.
LAUTEN-INFO, GERMAN LUTE SOCIETY, 2/2013 (Joachim Lüdtke) : ‘Recall’, which the composer has recorded together with the fabulous bass player Scott Walton porvides an excellent introduction to Isbin’s music and is also higly recommended.
LE JOUEUR DU LUTH (P. Bocquet – France) :“emotional subtlety, a touching melodicism and an astonishing array of timbres and textures”
GELUIT-LUTHINERIE, N60 12/2012, : A CD with a lot of atmosphere, featuring a very different approach to lute playing with a bass
THE WHOLE NOTE : This is a very engaging set from two creative musicians.
JAZZTIME (BRF) : One of the best Jazz Releases of the Year !
JAZZFLITS (H. Invernizzi – The Netherlands) : “Goundbreaking work”
ALL ABOUT JAZZ (M. Zerbo – Italy) :“reveals new developments…shades of timbre poised between avant-garde jazz and Renaissance sources”
AGW (S. Elliott – UK) :“sonic landscapes that are truly original and avant garde in the best sense of the phrase…a feast of unusual and harmonically startling flavors…fresh, new and totally out there on the musical horizon
FAME (M. S. Tucker – US) : “Like a Miro painting, a sumi brushstroke, or a petroglyph kiva panel, the frequently austere figurations speak for themselves and as fully as a Monet canvas or a Dalinian hallucination.”
GONZO CIRCUS N°114 :  Recall sounds pastoral and melancholic,and above all, wonderful. (pb)
NEW FOLK SOUNDS (M. Roeting – The Netherlands : “Those open to music from a new exploratory side will cherish this CD”
KATHODIK (M. Carcasi – Italy) : “nothing short of brilliant…an evocative power out of the ordinary…stunning in its apparent simplicity.”
ENOLA (J. Maes – Belgium) : “A masterpiece that , more than because of the unusual setting, stands out fort its timeless class.”
LUX ATENA (L Atman – Spain) : “Recall :musical compositional talent ennnobled with interpretive instrumental virtuosity’
IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION MAGAZINE (Rtcod Zzaj – USA) : I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 (on 5)


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