Gilbert Isbin Solo

ACOUSTIC GUITAR, USA, issue 95, Nov, 2000, (Gary Joyner) :

The absence of Drake’s plaintive voice allows the enchantment of his music to take center stage, and Isbin gives Drake’s airy and magical melodies a new sense of nobility.

ALL ABOUT JAZZ.COM, USA, 2000 (Glenn Astarita) :

In somewhat of a loosely based connotation, Belgian based guitarist Gilbert Isbin could be the European counterpart to America’s legendary acoustic guitarist John Fahey. Highly recommended. rating: 4/5 Read the review

DIRTY LINEN, July, 2000, USA (TJM) :

Gilbert Isbin, a master guitarist from Belgium, plays with subtle brilliance through all of these 11 songs.


Rating: 4/5


The Belgian guitarist, Gilbert Isbin, a master of jazz fingerstyle gives us wonderfully oblique, subtle and hauntingly beautiful interpretations of 10 of Drake’s songs.

RECORD COLLECTOR, Feb, 2000, UK (Joel Mclver) :

The album as a whole is deeply satisfying- an ardent tribute by one of the guitar’s great masters.

FOLKER, March, 2000, GERMANY (S.Basho-Jungshans) :

Isbin unfolds sensitive and virtuoso this melancolic- discerning playfulness, out of which wonderful melodies take shape.


Gilbert’s brilliant instrumental interpretations bring together a level of technical virtuosity with creative, inspiring passionate playing that is absolutely stunning.

LAGUITARE.COM, FRANCE, Jan, 2000 (Cyril Torland) :

Gilbert Isbin’s interpretation is very sensitive and vibrant, and it glorifies the ten pieces on this disc, where folk hesitates between classicism and dissonance.

HHGI ONLINE GUITAR MAGAZINE, Oct, 2000 (Howard Hart) :

Subtle, moving, and very inspired.

COLUMBIA RIVER READER, Feb. 2000, USA (A. Patterson) :

One of the continents most talented guitar players.

AMAZING SOUNDS, Sept, 2000, SPAIN (Alejandro Hinojosa) :

Gilbert Isbin, representing the feeling of many guitarists, has adapted a selection of pieces by Drake to his own style, as a homage and mutual collaboration throughout time and space.

VISIONS, Feb, 2000, Germany (Oliver Usschman) Rating :11/12:

Instrumental, sensitive, atmospheric, acoustic guitar music, which gives you a view into the soul of this genius. Isbin established a dignified monument to Drake.

ALTERNATE MUSIC PRESS, USA, Feb. 2000 (Ben Kettlewell) :

The album highlights Isbin’s range both as a composer, and interpreter, conveying perfectly, the spirit of Nick Drake’s languid, relaxed, but passionate compositions. In summary it is both urbane and evocative, a melodic, quietly enchanting body of work that is as touching as it is refined. Enchanting!

COMPACT DE JAZZ BELGE, Dec. 1999 (Paul Dulieu) :

The result is a profoundly original CD, intimate, melancholy, and which we might think was completely improvised if it were not for the sensitive precision which(as always with Isbin) underlies his poetry. Superb.


Isbin succeeds to evoke the tender guitarplaying of Drake, mingling them with colourful, rich chords, without trying to copy him.
IAiN CAMERON, author, musician, composer, accompanied Nick Drake on several occasions.
Gilbert has provided an intensely personal instrumental reading of some of Nick’s work, which in keeping with how jazz is these days, both looks back a ‘great tradition’ but also highlights more local themes, not least the bleakness of the Northern European expressionism. An excellent CD.

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