Gilbert Isbin/Geert Verbeke

audio1  Royal Tune

ALL ABOUT JAZZ, (Robert Spencer) : This disc should not be missed by anyone who appreciates the sound of genuine and non-cliché acoustic guitar, expertly supported by an imaginative percussionist.
ALL ABOUT JAZZ.COM, Oct. 1999, USA (Glenn Astarita) : SOLOWORKS AND TWINS :. Twins is intricate, delicate, playful and dreamlike yet conveys a sense of elevation or higher being as if spirits took part in the process.
GUITARNOISE.COM, USA, Dec, 2000 (A-J Charron) : Twins is a great collaborative effort, bound to leave you wanting more music from this duo. An album I highly recommend.
EUROCK.COM, Aug. 1999, USA (Archie Patterson) : Meditative music that results in beautiful melodies and modern improvisations, which are a pleasure to listen to.
JAZZREVIEW, USA, Lee Prosser :
 It’s fascinating the sounds that can be created, manipulated and explored by these two talented musicians.
AMAZINGS :The classical guitar weaves melodies at times melancholy, at times abstract in nature. The result is unusual and easily attracts the attention of the listener.
METAMUSICA, N° 71, Dec, 1999, Brasil :.The sound is simple, spatial and organic with emphasis shifting from a traditional guitar sound to experimental passages with ease. Highly recommended.
PLANET JAZZ, Spring, 2000, Canada (Ethan Zames) :The brevity, humour and unpretentiousness of the pieces render accessible, indeed delightful music that might otherwise be quite difficult. Highly recommended.
EXPOSE, Oct, 2000, USA (Steve Robey) : Excellently recorded and endlessly evocative, this CD comes highly recommended, especially to Towner/Oregon fans.

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